Strawberries and Wine

Happy New Year!

As Oprah wisely said, “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” Let’s embrace that sentiment throughout 2016 and do our best to ensure a happy and healthy year.

Resolutions to improve our lives are very common. Many of us promise to lead better lives in terms of health, spiritual growth, or parenting styles. Those resolutions are fabulous but how many of us make resolutions to have more fun, to splurge a little, to take a mental break and de-stress?

Imagine an escape to the Amalfi Coast. Your biggest decision will be whether you’re going to gaze out at the magic of the sea in front of you or the beauty of the town behind you. Known for its incredible landscapes and culinary excellence, the coast is the perfect escape. Imagine the fresh burst of a juicy tomato, the salty bite of mozzarella, and the sweet and savory freshness of basil as you watch a boat sail between the cliffs. Is there anything more peaceful?
Wandering through sun-filled piazzas, shopping for local crafts, and enjoying the beach is the ideal pastime between cooking and gelato lessons. Just picture assembling your own ravioli from scratch. As you mix together an egg and some flour for pasta, take in the sight of the cliffs, the peace of the water, and the excitement of creating a delicious meal.

A stay in Positano, a chic town with a picturesque landscape and terra-cotta houses on the slope of the coast, is sure to take your breath away. Then off to a shopping extravaganza in Sorrento with its fine old shops full of ceramics and lacework. Next explore Capri, an island full of magic and adventure. Have a pair of handcrafted sandals made to order, journey to the highest point of the island with views that extend across the Bay of Naples, enjoy a delicious lunch paired with the best wines the area has to offer and allow the gracious locals to introduce you to parts of the island unknown to most visitors.

Don’t resist a resolution to treat yourself. You deserve it!

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and safe 2016 filled with beautiful memories that last a lifetime.
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